A-Z of using images effectively. Part 8: VWX

A-Z of using images effectively. Part 8: VWX

Continuing the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.

V – Volume

There are no rules about how many images to use on websites, blogs and in social media, but at least 2 would be a good start I think. No-one wants to look at a screen full of text, so breaking this up with images, graphics and video will really help keep people interested.

W – Widgets

There are so many widgets available to be used with blogs and on social media sites it’s sometimes difficult to know which to use. As a general rule of thumb, put yourself in your readers shoes – what would they like or find useful? To be able to share an image at the click of a button? Be updated every with you post an image? Tag themselves? All increase engagement and enhance user experience.

X – eXperience (sorry!)

If you can improve your user/viewer/reader’s eXperience when they ready your blog, visit your website or pick up your brochures they’re more likely to remember you in a positive way. Everything we’ve discussed in this series will help you with that.

Check back next week for the final installment – Part 9: YZ

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