A-Z of using images effectively. Part 7: STU

A-Z of using images effectively. Part 7: STU

Continuing the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.

S – Stock Images

Stock images can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget – they’re cheap and generally good quality – by far a better option than something taken on a mobile. However, please remember all your competitors have access to the same images, the best stock images are the most frequently used and no stock image will be personal to your business, be taken in your location, feature your staff, your products or your USPs.

T – Twitter

How many seconds is your tweet on anyone’s screen before it’s bumped off by other tweets? How many tweets are text only? Adding images to your tweets is another way to help engage your audience. 2 seconds to read a tweet maybe? Another 2 to view and image (doubled your engagement time just there). People like to share images, comment on them, spreading the word for you!

U – User Photos

Using your customer’s images on social media is another great way to engage your audience, make them feel important – a part of the brand. Ask people to take photos of your product in unusual places/vans out and about/advertising etc and send them in. If you use their images, they’re likely to tell others, who are likely to stop by and have a look which all helps to increase the number of people you reach.

Check back next week for Part 8: VWX

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