A-Z of using images effectively. Part 6: PQR

A-Z of using images effectively. Part 6: PQR

After a short break, we continue the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.

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Always make sure you have an image in your social media profile. It helps in a business sense with the “know – like – trust” ethos of networking, letting people know something about you – whether that’s an interest, hobby or simply how you look (very useful when you get to meet “in person” for the first time. Do make sure though, if you’re using a headshot in a business context that it’s a businesslike image – do your customers really want to know what you get up to on holiday, when out on the town with your mates or what you looked like at your wedding?

Q – Quality of experience

While we usually think of “images” as being “photographs” (especially when talked about by a photographer), other formats of informative images can really work well: graphs, flow charts, how-to’s, maps, screenshots, guides and infographics are all great ways to get lots of useful information to people in an interesting and engaging way. Make sure they are easy to understand, contain useful or entertaining information and are well designed. Great design can turn mundane information into an engaging marketing tool.Resize aberdeen photographer

R – Resize images and use same sizes

Make sure your images are the correct size for the application – images used in printing must be a much higher resolution than screen graphics, so never pull an image off your website to use in printed material. Equally, using large images online will slow down your website and people may leave the page before the image has loaded. Also, think about the size and shape of images used in blogs etc – if they’re all the same size and shape this will give your article a more professional feel.

Check back next week for Part 7: STU

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