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The images you select to use in your business marketing can make a huge difference to how your company is perceived. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say – make sure you get it right!

Why should you use PROFESSIONAL photography?

Adding images taken by a professional photographer to your corporate literature, website, blog or any business social media option can:

  • Capture the viewer’s attention
  • Add interest and break up text
  • Help you brand your company

What should you consider when selecting images?

Strong ideas: The images you choose should help your customers connect with your product or service. Select images that tell a story – let them sell your message to your potential clients.

  • Make them smile – using humour in your images can get an instant reaction and make you memorable and talked-about
  • Make them think – if your audience does a double take they’ll see your message twice!
  • Make them feel – images can be use to great effect to provoke an emotional response

Consistency: Make sure you have a range of images that sit well together. Choose to have images with a common theme, colour or mood. If you’re creating a campaign, think about the story your images need to tell over a period of time. Use the same images across your media for each marketing. This will help enhance your brand and get your message across. It also means when you have a new message/product/service and the images you use change, your audience will notice.

Copyright: Make sure you have the right to use the images you select. While it is easy to grab images off the internet, it is illegal to use them unless you have permission for the owner. Stock libraries can offer cheap-to-use images (depending on how you intend to use them), but you won’t have ownership of the image, so your competitors could use the same one. If you hire a photographer you will get images that are unique to you, but make sure they give you the right to use the images how you want. By default (and law) photographers own the rights to the images they make.

Resolution: It is important to remember the size and quality requirements for printed material are much higher than for the web. It may be cheaper to buy the smallest version of an image that will be fine for websites and blogs etc, but should you then need to use it in printed material, it will be of no use. It’s always better to have an image that is much larger than you need. You can easily reduce the size of it, but are unlikely to increase the size without having a huge impact on the quality.

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How the right images can set your business apart

Spend some time thinking about what images you need:

  • What products and services do you want to highlight?
  • Where will they be used?
  • How long will they be used for?
  • Are there specific campaigns, seasons, promotions which you need images for.

Instead of using generic stock photos, hire a professional commercial photographer to produce images specific to your requirements. There is a world of difference between amateur and professional photographs. How do you want to represent your company?

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