A-Z of using images effectively – Part 5

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A-Z of using images effectively – Part 5: MNO

Continuing the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.



M – Movies  (like this)

Images don’t need to be stills. With a variety of tools, you can create short movies with a series of photos – either as slideshows, integrated with graphics or as time-lapse – add music, embed on your blog, link on Facebook and other social media. Google loves video and this is something you could thing about including with your SEO plan.


N – Networking sites

Add relevant images to your posts on networking sites. This will help you engage your audience, stand out from text-heavy contributions and can be used to direct people where you want them to really be – e.g. your Facebook page , your website, your store etc.




O – Optimise
Aberdeen Commercial Photographer thumbnails


Use descriptive file names. Remember to include an alternative name (html alt tag). Add descriptive text close to the picture. Keep the most important images close to the top headline or title. Use images that look good when thumbnailed.

Check back next week for Part 6: PQR

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