A-Z of using images effectively – Part 4

A-Z of using images effectively – Part 4: JKL

Continuing the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.


J – Join the community

Social media is with us all everyday. Don’t hide your images away on your website or in your printed material – share them with the world. Illustrate your blog with them, share them on Facebook and engage people on Twitter with them






K – Keywords

When it comes to searching for the perfect image, keywords become even more important to understand. There’s a very comprehensive guide to help users search for images here. Whether you’re looking on Getty Images or not, the it’s worth looking at their guide for ideas on how to refine your searches to get to the images you really want.


L – Link

This may seem obvious, but nevertheless it’s worth mentioning. Users have become accustomed to interaction and navigation via linked images is a quick and simple way to communicate with your audience and get people to where whey want to be or you want them to go.


Check back next week for Part 5: MNO

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