A-Z of using images effectively – Part 2

Creative Photography Aberdeen
A-Z of using images effectively – Part 2: DEF

Continuing the series to ensure your images provide the best experience they can; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing.



D – Design Food photography Aberdeen, Scotland

Design provides you with a style to follow for successful products and services. Yet few people know what design is or value it. Design applies to service businesses as well as products, gives you a fantastic framework to build brand recognition and keep consistency in your images and image use.



Creative Photography AberdeenE- Effects

Building brand awareness is essential for building brand equity. It includes use of various marketing tools such as advertising, word of mouth, social media, sponsorships, launching events, etc. To create brand awareness, it is important to create reliable brand image. Your brand message should be consistent – in both the language and images you use. Strong brand awareness leads to higher sales and higher market share.




F – FocusFood Photography Aberdeen, Scotland

Not just a photographic term. Whenever you’re using images they would be chosen carefully to relate to the text and focused on getting a message across, telling a story or providing information.

Check back next week for Part 3: GHI

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